What is Multitenancy? – Geek Support Tech


This is important to understand in the case of Multi-tenant Intercom Systems. When working in a cloud-based environment multitenancy refers to the fact that multiple clients can benefit from the same resource and services. The resources can include anything such as storage, network and computer nodes. Each client’s data is sealed away from other clients. The other clients do not have access to or be able to access other clients’ storage. Think of it as the apartment block. Each client has the space and keys. Also, they are granted the ability to change the space, relocate, or move items around their area. If the client no longer respects the rules of the building or guidelines the privileges of their keys are removed. Multitenancy has many advantages, for instance, the ability to expand and lower entry costs for starting costs. The cloud hosting service is also responsible for maintaining the server and monitors the server. It’s the responsibility of the hosting service provider to make sure that there is enough storage space so that a customer can continue growing when needed. e56xxq3761.

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