How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Actually Work? – Do it Yourself Repair


How does a fire sprinkler system operate? Science World explains.

Every sprinkler head is an entire sprinkler system. A wet pipe design is one of the most well-known types. A liquid-filled bulb made of glass is put over it to make the head. There is a rise in temperature when there’s the possibility of a fire. The temperature rise causes the water in the sprinkler heads, to expand glass. This causes it to break. The water is turned on after the bulb explodes and then the plug can be released.

The sprinkler heads do not all turn in the same way. Each head of sprinklers needs to be activated in order to release water. It helps prevent water damage to buildings.

Dry pipe systems are filled up with nitrogen or air under pressure. As the fire’s temperature rises, the valves of sprinkler heads, it is released. When the air or gas is gone, water runs through the pipes and from the heads of sprinklers. Dry pipe systems are best in extremely cold climates as the pipes filled with water are more likely to be frozen. ccmczolvxn.

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