Why Isn’t My Acne Clearing Up? – Free Health Videos


It is the most common skin disorder in the world. It is most commonly thought as an issue which affects teens. Yet, 25 percent of adults are affected by it.

Some of the causes of acne can be attributed to headgears, hormonal levels, stress, and fingering at pimples. Although some studies have shown that chocolate can cause acne, there are no conclusive scientific evidences that support this. Acne on the neck and face may be caused by the consumption of sugary beverages, skim milk and protein from whey.

Do you have the appearance of acne on your cheek? This could be because one cheek is more sensitive than your other cheeks. Don’t touch your face as often. Wash your pillowcases regularly and especially when you’re a side sleeper. Maintain your cell phone clean by using disinfectant wipes.

It is harder to treat acne that is on the shoulders and neck than it is with the face. The neck and shoulders are often are a target for hair and clothing that can cause outbreaks. Hair cuts can help the skin on the neck get dry. This makes it much easier to apply medicated lotions or creams on pimplesand pimples, but without risking hair damage. Apply the same product that treat skin acne that affects the shoulder areas. Be sure not to tan. Shower as soon as you can after sweating. yhkxlc3i9d.

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