Installing Auto Barfeeders – Pleo HQ


A bar feeder can provide many benefits to lathe operators. One advantage is increasing efficiency as well as overall efficiency. The setup shown in the video, can be used for a one-bar feeder assembly.

Barfeeders Set-up Success

The very first step will set you up for a successful overall auto bar-feeder installation. It’s crucial to set your base unit where it is needed. It will allow you to properly place the spindle liner into the pedestals.

For reference ensure that you align the center bore with the lathe’s spindle. This can help to prevent immediate problems after the bar feeder has been connected.
It is vital to hire someone on your side when you install an automated bar-feeder.

Bringing on a fellow worker is a great way to save some time as well as keep the momentum of connecting an auto bar feeder over the shortest amount of period of time. Although the video tutorial may be very short, it will provide much more detail than you are aware of. ll39f1t4k7.

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