Learn How a Concrete Polishing Service Completes Their Work – Teng Home


It’s a feat Jason and Jeff have accomplished successfully, to the client’s satisfaction. Following the complete process of polishing, amazing things such as stone exposure and craze cracks naturally emerged from the concrete.

The two begin the concrete polishing procedure by a generator which powers all the tools needed, a trailer carrying most of their equipment and an area for staging in a tight space at the edge of the minor road.

For removing any dirt, the first step was to run an Upcut saw along the joint. After that, with a Dewalt DCE591 epoxy dispensing gun, Jason filled the joint to the top with epoxy. To cut off the excess epoxy, Jeff utilized a basic scraper an essential procedure that will create a smooth floor prior to the actual polishing procedure.

You can see the way Jeff and Jason created concrete shine in the video below. This gives you stunning style that’s suitable for office. 1mdg4uxses.

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