Creative Wedding Cake Alternatives for Your Day – Amazing Bridal Showers


These creative ideas for wedding cakes will help to plan your day. Cake balls can be a fantastic alternative to traditional wedding cakes. The bite-sized cakes can be made quick and easy. Additionally, they are customized to your wedding colors.

Another option is brownies. Brownies can be cut and decorated in mini cakes. Rice crispy brownies make excellent wedding cakes and they are inexpensive. Slice and stack the rice crispy delights and decorate as desired. Truffles and cookies are also an excellent alternative for wedding cakes. Make a stack of truffles to give an attractive look or pile cookies for you a tiered cake. Each will be a hit among guests.

Cakes, of course, can be a great alternative to wedding cakes. They will also cut down on garbage. There are a variety of other options for cakes, such as crepes, cheese blocks and crepes in addition to mini pies, cheesecakes, mini pies or cheesecakes. If you’re planning your wedding, don’t feel scared to think outside of the traditional box. fbot4jlo5t.

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