Do You Know What Varicose Veins Are – Free Health Videos


The Cleveand Clinic looks at what you need to be aware of about varicose veins.

Varicose veins have prominently elevated veins which appear like purple or blue. The reason they appear so big is because they’ve gotten bigger. They are typically enclosed by thin and smaller spider veins. The valves that line the veins don’t work correctly they pool blood instead of freely flowing. They most often appear on the legs but they can be found anywhere in the body. It is unclear what triggers destruction to valves is not known.

Varicose veins can be unsightly for many. They can also cause serious problems for others with chronic discomfort as well as swelling, itchiness, and swelling that require patients to seek out an experienced varicose veins doctor who can remove or close off the swollen vein. Patients who are unable to get relief using non-surgical methods tend to be candidates for surgery.

Be active, shed weight, and treat or prevent varicose. If you have to sit and sit, you should change your seat frequently. The use of compression socks or stockings may alleviate pain. Put on a low heel and tight stockings. wcntk72shj.

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