Three Facts About Lemon Laws – New York State Law

It’s not impossible for dealers to offer lemons. If, for instance, you purchased a car from a secondhand dealer that had a transmission issue it will be a relief to have the right answers to “Can an old car be eligible for lemon law?” and “Can lemon law apply to pre-owned vehicles?” are also yes. It’s such a relief knowing that you can hire an attorney who can represent the person who feels you’ve been misled by a lemon.

It’s not a hassle to get your next car. It is possible to purchase a defective vehicle, even you’ve tried to find the most affordable price. This could prove expensive financially since the car will likely become the largest investment you make. Yet, as previously mentioned the lemon laws in New York can come to the rescue under certain conditions. What exactly are lemon laws and what exactly do they accomplish? Learn about three facts that you need to know.

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