How Much for a Gutter Installation Service – Interior Painting Tips


The measurements will provide them with the entire linear footage of gutters that need to be placed along the edges of the roofing.

Additionally, downspouts must be taken into consideration. For one-story homes, downspouts generally measure 13 linear feet. The length can be easily increased to 26 feet for two-story homes.

End caps and miters also need to be taken into consideration. End caps are placed at near the bottom of the drain. Miters, in a 90-degree shape, connect straight gutters and the corners of your house. End caps can be measured at around one foot in length, and miters are about four feet.

These numbers are totaled and then the sum is used to calculate the price of the contractor for calculating the overall cost. In the example below is a home with a one-story that has 218 linear feet of gutters, totaling to $1300-$1600.

Even though this is an expense, the cost is much less expensive than repair of the roof or damage that could be due to damaged gutters. Go to the video above for more information.


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