Snack Battle – America VS Japan – Articles About Food


a chance. In this video, you are going to see Americans give Japanese snacks , and Japanese individuals give American snack items. It is possible to try Japanese cuisine at your nearest Japanese restaurant.

Chips made of potato are the primary snack shown in this video. Both Americans and Japanese snack on chips. In this instance, the American product is Pringles and the Japanese product is Chip Star. They’re both similar in style and flavor. Overall, Japanese chips are thinner, whereas those made of American chips are heavier. Another snack is Whoppers and Mochi Mochi Chocolate. Mochi Mochi Mochi has tea flavours and is made from dried beans. Also included is an edible fork. Flaming Hot Cheetos are next on the list, as are Baby Grabs. Baby Crabs are tiny crabs they are available in a smaller dish. They are extremely crunchy. This may sound disgusting, but the truth is that they’re tasty. This next snack might seem odd. Squid chips are similar to potato chips, but are composed of fried squid instead of potatoes that have been fried.


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