How Does Hail Form? – Best Online Magazine


The storms could bring down ice from the heavens. Your car could be damaged from hailstones. Based on the severity of the hailstone there could be significant hail damage repair work on your car. This video will explain more about hail.

Hail is formed due to numerous factors. The first is that drops of water can be extremely cold when they are at higher elevations. However, they don’t turn into ice because they have zero to freeze. The next thing to do is generate a powerful upward thrust. This updraft can lift these ice particles into clouds. This provides a platform where cold water can stick to. This results in a hailstone beginning to develop. The formation of a hailstone is only possible only if it’s larger than the current updraft. Once the hailstone grows too huge for the flow to support, it will fall to the ground as hail. The hailstones may be tiny or massive, and vary from small pebbles to massive baseballs. The hailstone that measured 20 centimeters in diameter was the largest ever measured. Huge hailstones are extremely dangerous. These stones can cause serious damage to the windshield of your vehicle and bones.


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