Custom Engagement Ring Options – Black Friday Video


If you are looking to create a customized engagement ring you have many different designs possibilities to pick from. In most cases, every element of the ring is able to be changed to your liking. We will be discussing some custom options for engagement rings.

One of the options you can choose is the kind of stone you decide to use for the engagement ring. Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, however they’re not the only option you can include. There are many gemstones like emeralds or rubies in which you can be interested in.

Another thing you get to decide on for your wedding engagement ring is the cut the stone. Any stone you want to purchase can be cut in many different ways. Consult with your jeweler regarding the different shapes that they are in a position to offer you.

The last option that we’ll be talking on is the ring. The bandthat can be worn on your fingers and contains the gemstone, is what you will be wearing. There are many options for metals to choose for the band. Two of the most widely used metals used by band members are gold and sterling silver.


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