How Does the Bail Bond Industry Make Money? – Community Legal Services


“Ho Makes Money From Bail” Explains why bail services’ profit is derived out of bail cash. Bail bonds earn money through lending cash to people who require bail. The suspect’s family or a acquaintance pays the bail bond agent about 10% of bail in order to get the loan.

The bondsman will make sure that the entire amount is due to the court in case the defendant fails to show up when court times are scheduled. But, once the trial is finished that bond as well as the 10% of the bail he was granted in the beginning is dissolved.

Bail bondmen get paid a commission, meaning that they receive a percentage of bail when the suspect shows up before the court. Alongside their 10% charge, bail bondsmen require collateral. An area of land, a house, stocks and policies, vehicles, or even jewelry can be used as collateral.

Lawyers sometimes try to convince judges to lower the amount of bail to ensure the family of the suspect isn’t forced into paying a large payment that will not be seen ever again.


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