Cosmetic Dentists Offices are New and Improved in Kentucky – Teeth Video


Olson MD from “On YouTube” The video is titled “New Dentistry Office Tour!” Does this look like a dental clinic or a spa?” This is a tour of Innovative Dental’s Springfield office.

The lobby is the first one you’ll encounter when you enter the hospital block. The lobby feels warm and comfortable, be it cafe-like or cozy. The company is committed to individual service, there’s no front desk located in the lobby.

An extensive section of the lobby features smiles from past patients. In the lobby, there is a cafe-style area where one can have coffee or snacks as waiting for their turn.

Interactive games are also offered to children. A projector is set on the ground which allows children to play with each the other in a room that’s specially made. Cosmetic dentistry is also available in dentists located on the lower and upper levels.

The new patient lounge is an oasis of peace and relaxation waiting for patients to meet their loved ones or doctors. To provide high-quality dental care there is the latest 3D radiograph equipment.


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