The Basics of Alkaline Battery Recycling – E-Library


Services like ng perform thorough work in order to ensure that dangerous chemicals from batteries are disposed and safely. This video demonstrates how an recycling alkaline batteries can work.

The first thing to do is take the alkaline batteries to an alkaline battery sorting station. The different types of batteries cannot be reused using the same process, for instance for lead acid batteries. The hard job of the workers in the sorting stations that make sure that only batteries that are alkaline can be used to remain in the cycle.

The following step is to pulverize the batteries. After the batteries have been removed from the pulverizer, they are put through a hammermill before being smashed on a mesh screen. The mesh screen removes the zinc and manganese powders which can be utilized to produce an alkaline battery.

All remaining manganese and Zinc is separated using an electric current. To pull out useless particles The particles are placed on screens vibrating with magnets.

Once all the manganese and zinc are extracted they will be sent to another facility in order to combine them in a battery that can be made. Watch the video for more details.


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