Unprofessional Roofers Break Invaluable Vase – Community Legal Services


hey may use cheaper materials in comparison to what you were paying for, ignore your timeframe, or simply not complete the job in the first place. Some roofers were accused of cutting off the house’s roof. That comes with a whole range of legal implications. It’s not enough to take the cake for worst conduct.

A roofing firm was working at the top of the building as usual. They were hurling extra material away from the roof. One piece of trash fell on a vase that was outside and broke it into pieces. It was not a normal vase. It was an incredible personal artifact of the family from Italy. As you can imagine, the roofers were in a stupor. Instead of trying to solve the issue, they initially set out to cover the fragments of the vase that had broken. The homeowners realized that this was an utter blunder. In exchange for the broken vase roofing contractors offered cash. But, it was impossible to afford the irreplaceable piece of furniture. It’s not easy to know how much roofing contractors would have to spend to compensate for the lack of attention. This would certainly be quite a bit, however.


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