14 Most Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas – Family Dinners


It is also possible to use citrus peels or flowers beds. Although you don’t require infrastructure to build a nursery, it may be necessary to cover the seedlings as they grow and before they are old enough for them to go into the garden.
Use Homemade Weed Killer

Your crops and flowers may be infected by the weeds. They cause health problems as they consume their nutrients. There are numerous chemical weed killers available to buy depending on the plant you have. But, these 14 creative gardening techniques and suggestions advocate using an organic weed killer.

A gallon of white wine along with 1 cup salt are all you need to make your own homemade weed killer. They are all available in every home to use for different purposes. Use only the weed killer to kill all weeds. It could damage your grass as well as other crops.

Spread Paper on Your Garden

Your garden will require water to support the health and growth of your plants. If it rains, you do not have to feed your plants. Be sure that the rain does not evaporate off your soil when it has absorbed some. To keep your plants well-nourished, make sure that the soil can hold on to water. The most common method is by using mulch. Also, newspapers can be utilized for mulch replacement, as per these 14 smart tips.

Newspapers can be placed around flowering plants and young flowers in the garden. This will make sure that the irrigation water does do not evaporate which causes them to become dry or look unhealthy for low nutrients. This will also aid to purchase mulch.


The irrigation process is a huge-scale farming technique. However, you can irrigate flowers and crops planted within your garden at home. Bottles can be used for watering your plants. It is among the more creative gardening techniques. Gather as many bottles as you can before filling them with water. Then, insert them into the soil next to your plants with the opening into the soil. So, the bottles can pour water in your soil next to the plant.


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