Why Do So Many People Love Minecraft – UNM Continuing Education


Check out the five motives (there might be many more for everyone who is a fan of the game) which made Minecraft the best-selling video game ever.

The kids love Minecraft because the game can be played in virtually any way! They can go slay one of the dragons, construct castles, search for fish, mine caves, all in the same space. As a sandbox-genre game, Minecraft tickles kids’ ability to imagine, create as well as think themselves out of situations , which most feature-specific games do not. Minecraft is a wonderful game for children who like to experiment and explore. Additionally, it’s secure since it’s all about simulation.

Minecraft has multi-player support. If we’re worried about our kids lacking an interaction with their peers due to diseases, Minecraft offers a solution: Minecraft lets them create servers where they can be with each other. Although we might be skeptical concerning the value of games for children, research has shown that games with social elements (e.g. playing with your players or playing multiplayer) are a great way for kids to develop confidence in themselves and improve social abilities. b5oid9xsiu.

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