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A load cell is a type of transducer , which transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy, is one instance. The transformation takes place through two stages. A strain gauge detects the force. It then converts into an electrical current through altering the susceptibility to electrical currents of a attached wire.

The use of load cells is common within everyday settings including electronic weighing scales for weighing, materials testing equipment, and processing control systems. The load cell is comprised of four pressure sensors , or strain gauges that are set within the Wheatstone bridge structure to gauge the weight.

Strain gauges that are typically affixed to the bottom of a bar or beam pick up on the shaft deformation that triggers the production of a tiny electrical signal. As an force force is applied the shaft undergoes a minor deformation. The strain gauges pick up on the deformation and trigger the generation of a tiny electrical signal. Before being sent to the reader the signal is amplified. upct6pdxup.

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