The Truth About Implicit Bias Awareness Training – InClue


RKplace’s goal is to counter the underlying biases of employees and ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect employees’ behaviors, but the reality is that there’s no evidence to prove that this program actually does work.

The majority of the process of integrating biases into our brains occurs automatically. It can sometimes be difficult to discern when there are unjustified associations. Although it is true that the Implicit Association Test (or IAT) seeks to measure our biases to comprehend them more clearly but its exactness is untested. If someone takes the IAT several times, they may receive completely different results. This means that the test is not particularly trustworthy. The IAT is also often unable to accurately identify the behaviours it aims to test.

Though attempting to lessen the amount of predisposed to others is a good goal, acknowledging one’s biases — as unconscious bias awareness education is designed to aid employees in doing — doesn’t necessarily result in changing behavior. Effective training needs to not just help people recognize their biases but also motivate their behavior to be more considerate.


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