How Bail Bond Companies Make Money –


If they are arrested, the inmates are compelled to stay there until their court date in the event that they don’t have the sufficient funds to pay for bail. There are many who do not have this cash in their bank, which is why they have to turn to bail bond firms to get help.

Before you call an agent be sure that you’ve got all the details needed to explain the bail officer your circumstance. Agents typically are accessible 24/7 and can be reached at any time. For the sake of ensuring that the defendant appears in court, bonding agencies cost around twenty percent of bail and collateral.

After the collateral and fee is signed After that, the bonding company will then pay the bail to get the individual out of the jail. This process could take just a few minutes up to an entire day. If the defendant fails to appear in the courtroom, the bail agent can track them down and then take them back to the prison. Refusing to attend the hearing will lead to the loss of whatever was secured as collateral, and the requirement that you be able to pay for the bail sum in your own pocket.


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