What Oil Filters Are the Right Ones for My Car? – Auto Body Collision Repair News


A device eliminates dust from your car’s engine oil. If the accumulation of contamination and dirt isn’t eliminated, they’ll cause damage to the engine. This is why filtering oil plays a critical role in keeping the car working properly. This video explains which type of oil filter you must get, and also how to select the best one.

The older cars don’t include oil filters. Owners changed their oil at intervals of 1000-1500 miles. Filters for oil at that time were not equipped with detergent. It helps keep the dirt suspended so that it is not clogging the engine. The oil filter will then take care of the dirt.

The modern car uses light synthetic oils which can be easily changed between 8000 and 10,000 miles. Never use a cheap oil filter. An oil filter that is of higher quality will last longer. Cheaper oil filters contain rubber gaskets. Additionally, the use of paper for filtering. Premium Guard filtering oil are manufactured using silicone gaskets. They also have synthetic blends of filtration material that is able to be used more than 10,000 miles. The Purolator is also one of the top brands.

A cheap oil filter will end up being costly as they can damage the engine’s components. A good oil filter brand must be suggested by your mechanic, to match your car.


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