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rmity in the second, third or fourth toe. It’s why it’s called”hammertoe defect” is that the toe itself is made to resemble a hammer or perhaps claw. The reason for the procedure is to lessen the discomfort that is associated with it and to increase the flexibility of the toe muscles for them to stretch and straighten like they were able to do previously. We will now discuss how to correct claw toes and hammertoe.

Your problem is in between the 8 toes, which is also known as the pip joint-hammertoe or proximal intraphalangeal. Claw-toe problems are those where some or all of your toes are in an abnormally bent formation. The person injured might seek surgical treatments but in the end an arthroplasty as well as a the fusion of your toe to straighten it may be needed to rectify the deformity. To expose the joint, you can cut in the middle of the ligaments through your toe bones. After that, the ends of the bones removedto allow more room for the toe’s muscles to relax and move forward.

If you’d like to know further about the hammertoe correction process, watch the video that we’ve linked to above.


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