The Best Home Architecture Documentaries That Capture Custom Building on Film – The Film Frame


Another excellent documentary is sure to challenge the notion of custom-built houses. This series follows builders who employ classic Lego design as their basis for building their own home that is unique to them. The show is available on Netflix and it does follow every step from start with the conceptualization of the design through the construction and finally the building. It’s a great documentary, that provides a glimpse of how the most extreme construction works and the fun of the process.

Although most people will never reside in homes built from Legos However, they’re enjoyable to watch and better to visualize. If you are looking for an opportunity to teach your kids about architecture, this documentary is the perfect one for you to check out.

Why is custom home building so sought-after?

It is a day in which customization is king and where everyone desires to customize their home and living space to fit their needs, their overall appearance, and even more. You may find it difficult to find a house that meets your needs while also pleasing to the eye. Custom home construction and top home builders they can build homes with all the special features you want and love.

Custom built homes is a great way to incorporate the most imaginable features including an Amish-designed pavilion to secret passageways and hidden places. In order to complete your design and additional needs you could hire door companies that can design custom doors. Customization is what we love. This makes us feel that our house was designed specifically for us. There are a lot of great documentaries about home architecture which can be viewed in series or episode form.

Extreme Engineering (2003-2011)

It’s a great documentary series that follows engineering feats that are seemingly impossible. The series chooses a different achievement of an engineer.


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