9 Custom Home Features That Buyers Look For – Modern Real Estate Agents


e a number of options to customize your roofing material. You have the option of choosing from a range of different kinds of asphalt architectural shingles. The options are endless. You could choose to go with something different such as cedar shake, metal tiles or green roof.

Skylights offer a distinct feature that isn’t found at many residences. A skylight allows sunlight to flood into your property, and also gives the homeowner a distinctive feature which could attract more potential buyers. This is a good opportunity to boost insulation when you’re repairing or replacing your roof. The addition of insulation will improve the comfort of your home in addition to reducing the cost of electricity.

Gutters are also important

Gutter systems are a great option for any home. They drain the water from your foundation and roof, gutters are essential. They’re usually more practical than beautiful but you are able to alter them. There are plenty of choices available like the galvanized, aluminum and copper steel. Also, you are able to pick the color that matches the decor and style of your home. It is also possible to alter the design of your gutters choosing K-style gutters or half-round gutters.

There is another option to think about seamless gutters. It is one-piece, continuous material with no gaps or joint. The appearance and functionality of this type gutter. It is also possible to add additional accessories to your gutters to make them more attractive. It is possible to add additional accessories to your gutter, such as gutter covers, gutter extensions or splash blocks.

Trim Those Trees

If you look around, tree trimming is not only one of the most sought-after custom home features but also one that is essential. Tree trimming can be dangerous. It is essential to take safety precautions while cutting trees. Security


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