How to Select Your Granite Slab – Awkward Family Photos


From cutting through to the installation. The procedure for choosing your slab of natural stone is explained in this video.

In the video it is a marble slab shown and staining and engraving are talked about. Marble should be kept away from the kitchen sink and utilized for an island.

To guard marble counter-tops from staining liquids The best option is to put in porcelain to cover the edges of stovetops , or sinks.

Quartzite is another great option. In contrast to quartz made by humans it is a totally natural stone. It will require you to seal it with sealing agents and to keep it from being scratched, exactly like other natural stone. But, it’s beautiful and can last an extremely long time when it’s taken well.

Granite is a great alternative that is more durable than marble and quartzite. It also comes in darker shades. To learn more visit the website below.


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