The Basics Of Auto Body Repairs – Daves Auto Glass Repair

. The process involves assessing the damages and then filling them with resin. This article will cover the basics of auto repair of the body.
Assess the car
If you want to fix a damaged element, first evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the extent. It will provide you with an idea of what is required to fix your car and return it to excellent condition.
Let it go
Restoring a panel to its initial shape may require drilling holes to accommodate slide pullers, hammer work and locating clamp points for making pulls.
The perfect tuning of the metalwork
Then, you can fine tune your dolly and hammer operation to lower the lows and take down the higher spots. It is important to use the correct technique of the hammer in order not to deform the metal. To achieve the best results, ensure you strike the metal with a light touch.
This usually involves prepping to fill, featherage, application of body filler, work on the stuffing, and painting the vehicle.
Proper auto bodywork is essential for getting your vehicle back in the right direction. It’s not difficult to learn the basic bodywork for your car.

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