Unearthing the Jurassic Period – City Trav


Own to produce amazing historical discoveries, from the ancient tombs in Egypt as well as the amazing dinosaur bones found across the midwest. Experts in excavation and science are working in tandem to gradually chip away pieces of history to discover what life was as it was prior to human development. Everyday teams of fossilists visit different dig sites to remove land that has been abandoned for thousands of years. This film gives us an insight into what excavators are digging up right now in Wyoming!

This is the Morrison Formation, and paleontologists currently dig in. It’s one of the most well-known formations dinosaurs ever lived in. One of the first successful dinosaur excavations in North America happened in this structure, which is why scientists are antsy to get in and discover what’s hidden beneath the surface. Though it’s been many years since the first bones of dinosaurs were discovered in North America, paleontologists continue to utilize the exact equipment and techniques to extract the bones from the earth. Every year, more and learners are learning these revolutionary methods of digging dinosaur bones.


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