15 Activities Near By Madison County You Can Do With Your Kids – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News


Excited to play include 3 miniature golf courses. Two are outside and the third is indoors. Miniature golf provides the right mix of enjoyment and competition It’s a fantastic method to unwind and relax for adults and kids alike.

The golf course is well lit during the night, and there’s an eatery located on site if you would like to grab a bite at the convenience of your own. Take advantage of all it has to offer.

14. Are you looking for beachfront fun?

Madison County, in central Wisconsin, is known for its warm water. If you’re a beachfront person, you should consider taking a trip to the Madison’s beaches, which are open throughout the spring and summer seasons.

There is nothing better than the beautiful lakes that are located in Madison. There are stunning views as well as sailing, water sports and sun-bashing, among many other options. Madison also has twelve beaches, four lakes and Goodman Pool. This vast pool has slides that are located at the two ends.

Additional water-related activities are Noah’s ArK Waterpark. This is the biggest waterpark on the planet. It has a number of children playing areas that provide exciting activities close by. You can now relax and enjoy your day under the Madison sun!

15. Dining out is always fun

Madison County is a popular location that attracts hundreds of visitors each all year. Madison County invested heavily on a wide range of food options that delight tourists. Thus, exciting activities close by will always involve trying new food options at different eateries. Indulge your palate in some fresh seafood from the seafood restaurants along the waterfront or choose more affordable and convenient joints around the city for a Pizza and a burger.

Another fun activity is taking your children to the overture center to learn about the arts. Kids are in the Rotunda is the favorite of children. The theater is completely free and open on weekends. A road trip is the best way to experience Madison County from the outskirts.


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