How Does Invisalign Work? – Dentist Offices


Invisalign is a great option to improve your smile and strengthen teeth. It’s virtually undetectable. Keep reading to discover more about Invisalign and how it works.

In the beginning, you’ll visit your dentist and have impressions of your teeth taken. It is accomplished by using impression trays to fill them with impression material , then the tray is placed over your teeth. After the tray has been set, it’s removed. The impressions as well as dental records are sent to Invisalign.

The impressions could also be used to build a digital model your teeth. The program, which is basing itself on the treatment plans that your dentist has created, will attempt to shift your teeth from their current location towards their final location.

This software allows users to imagine how their smile might look following treatment. If you are able to get your approval from your dentist, a series of nearly invisible aligners will be designed specifically for you to adhere to the steps of treatment with Invisalign.

Learn more about how Invisalign operates and whether it is the right option for you, take a look at the following video!


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