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Here are some helpful tips and advice from a boiler company that can help you determine what preventive maintenance to perform on your boiler.

1. Always check proper oil levels. Make sure the boiler oil is in good condition as a car engine. For checking, you must open the compressor’s oil tank and it’s straightforward. If your boiler bears markings in the place where the oil level must be, it’s possible to see them engraved on the sides.

2. The next periodic maintenance is to clean the oil filter each two weeks, and once every week, at the most. To do this, close the shut-off valve, then remove the filter. To remove any oil or debris wash the filter thoroughly with dishwashing soap. After you have cleaned the oil filter, you can put it back and turn on the boiler.

3. Examine the temperature of heat circulation. It should not go over 150F. The temperature on a normal day should range from 110F up to 120F. dfw2hwfqp2.

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