What You Should Know About Mediating a Divorce – Life Cover Guide


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Let’s get started with the job of mediator. A mediator can assist the couple and soon to divorced spouse in bringing your matter to a conclusion without needing to bring it to court.

Before you visit a mediator make sure you have organized and prepared each aspect. It is important to list all the issues you’re dealing with and consider all possible questions. A few issues you’ll have to discuss could include the division of assets and child care. Some specific questions could be “Are we considering selling the home or keeping it?” What’s the parenting schedule? “What is the custody arrangement?” So on.

The first thing you should take before meeting with a mediator is being prepared. The mediation appointment is one where you’ll need to be as informed and as prepared as you possibly can. Your mediator can inquire before the appointment whether there are items that you are required to be bringing.

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